Dead Cells+ Is Out Now on Apple Arcade as an App Store Great Alongside Big Holiday Updates for Many Games

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Following the major update for Dead Cells on iOS and Android a few days ago, Playdigious has brought Dead Cells+ () to Apple Arcade. As an App Store Great, Dead Cells+ includes all prior paid DLC and content updates. It also has exclusive mobile leaderboards. If you’re curious about Dead Cells on iOS, read my review of it here and also my interview with Playdigious here. You can Dead Cells+ on Apple Arcade here. Hopefully updates arrive simultaneously on iOS, Android, and Apple Arcade going forward. Despite already owning this on iOS, it is a great get for Apple Arcade. Watch the Dead Cells+ Apple Arcade trailer below:

Alongside Dead Cells+, many notable games have gotten holiday themed updates. Crossy Road Castle version 8.5 is out now adding in the Sticker Book with more than 100 achievements to unlock all the stickers. Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure brings in 60 new puzzles, new tournaments, and new treasure trove items in today’s update. Angry Birds Reloaded gets into the holiday mood with Red’s Holiday Calendar, Pie Hard part II, and 45 new levels. LEGO Star Wars: Castaways brings in an exclusive holiday event letting you earn holiday-themed minifigures, a new winter look for the island hub, a new Holosims level, new enemies, and more.

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LEGO Brawls also has a holiday update out now with the Jingle Brawls season returning with limited-time unlocks. The final update of the week is Zookeeper World celebrating its Christmas 2022 event with new puzzles and rewards. Check out our forum threads for LEGO Brawls here, LEGO Star Wars: Castaways here, Angry Birds Reloaded here, Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure here, Crossy Road Castle here, and Zookeeper World here, and Dead Cells+ here. Head over to our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion around every game on the service. What do you think of December 2022’s games?

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