Out Now LEGO Brawls (by LEGO)

Discussion in 'Apple Arcade' started by Boardumb, Sep 17, 2019.

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    I stayed away from this one for a while because I "know" LEGO games. I've played bunches of TT's console games. I've played a lot of LEGO.com's web games. I've played a number of TLG's iOS games and aced 'em. I've played the early MMOs that TLG attempted, loved 'em, and was sad to see them shut down so quickly. TLG is always willing to experiment and explore with their gaming, but they also churn out (or license out, etc.) an awful lot of crap. Some is just "too young" for an old asshat like myself, some is just plain shallow, and some just don't find the audience and mothball quickly. I knew I was going to try LEGO Brawls regardless, but I also knew there was a 50% chance the writing was already on the wall.

    LEGO Brawls is basically Smash Bros with minifigs. You customize your minifig, pick your desired weapons, then go fight in a multi-tiered stage with a few other people. The tutorial glitched out on me. Then I waited five minutes for the game to find three (!) other people to MP with. I played one stage where it was a capture and hold the flag variant. You die multiple times, pick up randomized powerups, rinse and repeat. At the end of the match, you get an unlockable to further customize your minifig or weapon loads. During the one match I fit in during lunch, one player dropped. Does not bode well. I'll try a few more times, certainly, but without any single player content (past "Training"), I just don't see myself being that tolerant of the wait times to find a match.
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    Yeh I deleted this one pretty quickly, not really something I’m looking for on mobile personally.

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