‘Dead Cells’ Break the Bank, Enter the Panchaku, and Breaking Barriers Updates hit iOS and Android on November 29th

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Motion Twin and Playdigious’ amazing Dead Cells ($5.99) recently got its huge DLC this year in the form of ‘The Queen and the Sea’ for iOS and Android. If you haven’t bought Dead Cells on mobile yet, read my review on the game’s current state here. Today, Playdigious announced that Dead Cells on mobile will get the Break the Bank, Enter the Panchaku, and the Breaking Barriers updates all together on November 29th for iOS and Android. Watch the Dead Cells Break the Bank, Breaking Barriers, and Enter the Panchaku updates mobile below:

Check out details for the Break the Bank update here, Enter the Panchaku update here, and Breaking Barriers update here. If you’re curious about Dead Cells on mobile, I did an interview with Playdigious covering that and Streets of Rage 4. Read it here. If you’re on iOS, you can buy it on the App Store. Check it out on Google Play here for Android. If you’re unsure whether to grab it on mobile or Switch, read my comparison here. What do you think of Dead Cells and its current state on mobile and have you been playing it regularly?

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