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‘Hero Emblems 2’ From HeatPot Games Is Set to Finally (Hopefully) Release Later This Month, Release Date and Price Being Announced Next Week

We’ve been covering the both HeatPot’s Hero Emblems and its long-awaited (really long) sequel for years now. The premium match-3 RPG series has charmed us for a long time, and as with prior years, we have another update for the game. This one seems more positive because HeatPot just announced that Hero Emblems 2 is finally done and set to release later this month. Yes, I’m also thinking what you’re thinking, but let us all cross our fingers for this one eh? If you’ve not kept up with Hero Emblems 2, we went hands-on with it at Tokyo Games Show in 2016 following its announcement and then saw a new trailer with a delay pointing to 2018. Skipping ahead, it was confirmed to be aiming for a summer 2021 release, but it is now set to release this month. Watch the new Hero Emblems 2 release trailer below:

The price and release date will be announced next week with the trailer pointing to pre-orders being live. I assume pre-orders will go live when the App Store page is up next week. Until it hopefully launches this month, you can check out Hero Emblems ($2.99) which we chose as our Game of the Week and loved it in our review. Check out our forum thread that has been going for years now, for Hero Emblems 2 here. Check out the official website here for more information and some screenshots. Have you played the original and what are you expecting from Hero Emblems 2 when it finally (hopefully) arrives later this month?