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‘Hero Emblems 2’ Still in the Works, New Gameplay Video Released

Around this time four years ago, mobile gamers were treated to one of the best games in all the land when HeatPot Games released Hero Emblems ($2.99). For years by-the-numbers match-3 games had been flooding the market and those craving something with a bit more meat on its bones were left reminiscing about the good old days of Puzzle Quest. Well, the days of Puzzle Quest before it became multiple free to play iterations based on various IPs, I guess. Anyway, Hero Emblems was a match-3 RPG with lovable characters, a surprisingly interesting story, fantastic gameplay, and a premium price tag with no IAP. It was heaven and is still beloved to this day. It feels like forever since a sequel was announced in September of 2016, and updates on the game’s progress have been fairly infrequent. Today however HeatPot has dropped a new gameplay video and progress update in our forums, and Hero Emblems 2 is continuing to look fantastic. The video below shows off a boss battle, and then a cutscene followed by a regular battle. The text is in Chinese, but you should still get a good idea of how Hero Emblems 2 is shaping up.

Unfortunately, HeatPot doesn’t have a specific release window for Hero Emblems 2, only saying they “need some more time to complete it." In the meantime you can check out our previous coverage of the game. We went hands-on with an early build during Tokyo Game Show 2016 shortly after it was announced, and a new trailer was released towards the end of 2017 when the game was delayed into 2018. The following February another new trailer was released, which brings us to today’s update. Yes, it’s not 2018 anymore but hang in there fans, I have a feeling Hero Emblems 2 will be well worth the wait. Also, if you never jumped into the original Hero Emblems, it was updated for the iPhone X just last year and is still a total blast to play (or replay!). You can read our full review and our Game of the Week writeup on the original as we all wait anxiously for the sequel.