Mini Metro’s First Big Update of 2022 Adds the Nanjing Map, New Achievements, and More

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Last year saw great updates for Dinosaur Polo Club’s Mini Metro ($3.99) which is also available on Apple Arcade as an App Store Great. Following the Chongqing, Budapest, and Addis Ababa updates hitting the game for free, we have gotten our first big update of 2022 for the game. To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Mini Metro has added the Nanjing map. Nanjing has one of China’s largest metro systems with nearly 160 stations. The iconic metro system and map are available in both the original game and in the Apple Arcade release. Alongside Nanjing joining the game, new achievements specific to Nanjing have been added alongside fixes and improvements to Mini Metro.

If you’re wondering how to unlock Nanjing in Mini Metro, you need to score 500 in the Guangzhou map if you haven’t already done that. 2022 has started out great for Mini Metro and Mini Metro+ on Apple Arcade with today’s update. I cannot wait to see what Dinosaur Polo Club has planned for the game in 2022. Mini Metro is one of the best games you can play on a touchscreen. If you’ve not played it yet, read Shaun’s glowing review of it. If you’re on Android, it is also available in Google Play Pass in addition to Google Play. If you’re on Apple Arcade, you can play Dinosaur Polo Club’s newest game Mini Motorways or Mini Metro+ through the service. Read about that here. If you play Mini Metro on Steam, make sure to check out the recently added Steam Workshop support which allows player-created maps and much more. Read about that here. Do you still play Mini Metro regularly and what do you think of the recent updates?

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