The ‘XCOM 2 Collection’ Is Discounted for the First Time at 40% Off Right Now on iOS and Android

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Following its debut last year on iOS and release on Android a few months ago, Feral Interactive’s excellent XCOM 2 Collection ($19.99) has gotten its first big discount. After a welcome update with new graphics options across three presets, better graphics on modern iOS and iPadOS devices, and more, the port hit Android. Read my review of the original XCOM 2 Collection iOS release here. If you held off on buying XCOM 2 Collection on iOS or Android, now is the time to jump in. Watch the XCOM 2 Collection iOS gameplay video below:

The XCOM 2 Collection launched at $24.99 on both iOS and Android and it is currently about 40% off (depending on your region) and down to $14.99 on both platforms. There is no word on how long this discount will last, but it is absolutely worth getting. Before you buy it, check out the device requirements on Android and the iOS requirements on the App Store. You can buy it on Google Play for Android here and the App Store for iOS here. Check out the XCOM 2 Collection iOS website here for more information relating to the port and head over to our forum thread for more discussion and impressions. Have you played the XCOM 2 Collection yet or were you waiting for a discount like this one?

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