‘Tales of Crestoria’ from Bandai Namco Entertainment Is Shutting Down in February 2022

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Tales of Crestoria (Free) from Bandai Namco Entertainment is something I’ve been covering for a long time with its initial TGS showcase, release window, launch, and delays. Having finally launched in the middle of 2020, Bandai Namco Entertainment just announced that Tales of Crestoria will be shut down in February 2022. In app purchases of gleamstones are disabled and servers will remain active until the game shuts down. This announcement comes soon after Tales of Luminaria has launched worldwide. Watch the Tales of Crestoria trailer from launch below:

Tales of Crestoria is available to play from now until February 7, 2022 (JST). If you already have it, you can play it and use any items or gleamstones in your account until then. The bi-weekly Tales of Crestoria manga being released will now be released weekly until the shutdown with the next issue coming on December 13th. If you’d like to play it before it shuts down, you can get Tales of Crestoria on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. It is disappointing to see another free to play game based on a big brand shut down this quickly, but I can’t say I’m too surprised at this point. Hopefully Tales of Luminaria is around for longer. Check that out here. Did you enjoy Tales of Crestoria and did you check out the excellent Tales of Arise on consoles and PC?


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