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‘Tales of Crestoria’ from Bandai Namco Entertainment Launches This June Worldwide on iOS and Android

Tales of Crestoria from Bandai Namco Entertainment has been in the works for iOS and Android for a while now. The mobile exclusive Tales of game wasa showcased at TGS as well. Last year, the game was delayed out of 2019 and fans of the franchise have been wondering when they will be able to play Tales of Crestoria. Today, Bandai Namco Entertainment announced a release window and a few more details for Tales of Crestoria on iOS and Android. The major announcement is that the game will launch worldwide at the same time. It will also have an open beta in May. Watch the newest trailer for it below:

Tales of Crestoria will have a showcase this weekend where Bandai Namco Entertainment will showcase the theme song alongside a new video for the game. Tales of Crestoria will have an open beta in a few regions in early May. The game will launch with Japanese voice acting in early June worldwide on iOS and Android. Bandai Namco Entertainment also warns that the schedule may change because of the coronavirus pandemic. The team is working to ensure the game is polished for its launch on iOS and Android worldwide. What are you expecting from Tales of Crestoria on mobile?