‘Minecraft’ Caves & Cliffs Update Part II Finally Has a Confirmed Release Date for iOS, Android, Switch, and More

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Back in June the first part of the Minecraft ($1.99) Caves & Cliffs Update arrived on all platforms including iOS and Android. If you’ve not followed Minecraft recently, the massive in recent times, the first part of the big Caves and Cliffs update was confirmed to be split up into two parts and we’ve been waiting on part two that has the big mountains and cave changes. Today, Mojang confirmed that Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update Part II releases on November 30th for all platforms. This update brings updated terrain generation, Candles for everyone, and more. Watch the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update showcase from a few weeks ago below:

Archeology, bundles, and goat horns have been put on the back burner for now. They will not be arriving in the Wild Update but later on. They haven’t been cancelled though. The mountains and caves get a big makeover later this month with larger ore veins and more coming to Minecraft with Caves & Cliffs Update Part II. It is going to be interesting to see what 2022 brings for Minecraft and whether we actually get Minecraft Dungeons on mobile natively in the future. Do you still play Minecraft often on mobile and what would you like to see in 2022?

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