‘Minecraft’ Cave & Cliffs Update Will Bring Improved Cave Generation Features, New Blocks, New Mobs, and a Lot More as Revealed at Minecraft Live

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While Minecraft Earth for iOS and Android and Minecraft Dungeons for consoles and PC are in the news more these days thanks to them being the new Minecraft experiences, Minecraft ($1.99) on all platforms is still getting a ton of content with more planned for the future. Over the weekend, Minecraft Live took place where many Minecraft related announcements happened including news for Minecraft Dungeons which finally gets cross platform play next month. For Minecraft, the Caves & Cliffs Update has finally been revealed. This is a major update bringing improved cave generation features like dripstone and lush caves, the sculk senor block, the warden hostile mob, and more. Watch the whole Minecraft Live showcase segment on the Caves & Cliffs Update below:

Minecraft is also getting crystals, telescopes, bundles, copper, the axolot mob, and more. A release date for the update wasn’t announced but it is the next major update coming to the game on all systems. The Glow Squid mob was the winner of the last mob vote as well. Minecraft is now available on iOS, Android, PC, and consoles. If you’re on an older version of iOS and still play Minecraft, read this. Do you still play Minecraft daily or have you been playing more of Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Dungeons?

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