Minecraft Live 2021 Recap: The Wild Update, Caves & Cliffs Part II Details, and The Mob Vote Winner

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Over the weekend, Minecraft Live 2021 took place with some big announcements for the game. If you’ve not kept up with Minecraft ($1.99) in recent times, the first part of the big Caves and Cliffs update arrived. At Minecraft Live 2021, barring the new content and updates planned, Minecraft has been confirmed to arrive in Xbox Game Pass for PC. This will bring both the Bedrock and Java versions to all Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers. Next year, The Wild Update will arrive in Minecraft. This update will add a ton of stuff to Minecraft including frogs, boats with chests, mangrove swamps, mud, and more. Deep Dark and warden will now be included in The Wild Update for 2022. Caves & Cliffs Part II will expand world height, add mountains and caves, and more. Watch the full Minecraft Live 2021 showcase for The Wild Update below:

The final announcement of the event that is relevant to mobile, is the mob vote. This vote’s winner is the allay. If you give the allay an item, it will bring back matching or similar items as long as they are able to pick them up. It was a pretty great showcase overall and I will stop hope for Minecraft Dungeons to come to mobile platforms in the future. I know it is playable through Xbox Cloud Gaming, but a native version would be best. I also expected Xbox Series X and PS5 upgrades for the base game to be announced this year, but those didn’t happen. Maybe once The Wild Update is out the team can focus on those things. Do you still play Minecraft often on mobile and what do you think of the upcoming updates?

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