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‘PUBG: New State’ Survivor Pass Revealed, Planned to Be Updated Every Month with Daily, Weekly, and Story Missions

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PUBG: New State (Free) from Krafton finally releases worldwide beginning tomorrow. Originally revealed a while ago, we’ve learned more about it through ‘Field Trip to Troi‘ episodes. In the lead up to launch, Krafton has been revealing more about the game like map changes. Today, the Survivor Pass was showcased. The PUBG: New State Survivor Pass will be updated each month and it features daily, weekly, and story missions to earn new items. Watch the PUBG: New State Survivor Pass trailer detailing some of the missions and cosmetics with some gameplay below:

The first volume of the PUBG: New State Survivor Pass features Sam who is the main character of PUBG: New State. You can unlock the featured character’s appearance by completing all story missions. PUBG: New State finally releases tomorrow worldwide for iOS and Android. You can pre-register for the Android version of PUBG: New State on Google Play and pre-order the iOS version here on the App Store. Details for the recently revealed Team Deathmatch are here. What do you think of PUBG: New State so far and how do you think it will evolve over time alongside PUBG Mobile on iOS and Android?


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