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‘PUBG: New State’ Story and Battle Pass Teased in New ‘Field Trip to Troi’ Episode

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Ever since PUBG: New State (Free) from Krafton was revealed, we’ve had a dripfeed of information revealing gameplay additions, map details, and more through different ‘Field Trip to Troi‘ episodes. PUBG: New State has had closed betas and pre-registrations go live on Android but iOS pre-orders finally recently began with an October 8th expected release date on the App Store. Today, Krafton released a new ‘Field Trip to Troi’ episode discussing the PUBG: New State story, showcasing the battle pass or season pass as it is referred to in the video, and the reveal of one of the costumes. Watch PUBG: New State ‘Field Trip to Troi’ episode 3 below:

Towards the end of the video, we even get new characters shown off. It is going to be interesting to see how Krafton incorporates the story elements with the PUBG: New State battle pass which is under development now. Ahead of its release date, you can pre-register for the Android version of PUBG: New State on Google Play and pre-order the iOS version here on the App Store. What do you think of PUBG: New State so far compared to other battle royale games on mobile and are you going to play it when it releases?


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