Gorgeous Skateboarding Game ‘The Ramp’ Is Out Now as a Free to Start Game with Controller Support on iOS

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Last month, Crescent Moon Games and Hyperparadise revealed that the gorgeous skateboarding game The Ramp (Free) is coming to mobile through an iOS release soon. The Ramp originally launched on PC via Steam back in early August. If you’ve not played the Steam version, The Ramp is described as a digital toy to play with on a boring day by the developer. It does not include any scores or unlockables and the Steam page mentions that this is just meant to offer unique and satisfying skateboarding gameplay. The Ramp is out now for free with a single in app purchase to unlock the remaining levels. You can try the first level for free. Watch the trailer for the PC version of The Ramp below:

The Ramp also includes native controller support. I played a bit so far with my PS5 DualSense controller. If you’d like to check it out, you can get The Ramp on the App Store for iOS here for free. The in app purchase is priced at $2.99 to unlock the remaining levels. The Ramp is also available on PC via Steam for $5.99. It has had over 100k pre-orders as of a few days ago. As of now, there is no word on an Android version. Have you played The Ramp on Steam yet and will you be checking out the iOS version today?

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