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New ‘PUBG: New State’ Video Takes Players Through a “Field Trip” of New Game World Troi

In February PUBG Studio in partnership with Krafton announced a new entry in the world of PUBG games titled PUBG: New State. It is set in an entirely new environment and many decades after the original PUBG, and this near-future setting gives the development team the chance to play around with some cool new gadgets and weaponry. With a release date planned for the majority of the globe later this year, the developers have begun a new video series which they are calling “field trips" to PUBG: New State’s new world map called Troi where they can discuss some of the locations in the massive new map as well as some of the new features you can expect from the game. Here’s the first Field Trip to Troi with specific stops at the Exhibit Hall, the Mall, the Laboratory, and the Trailer Park.

One thing is for sure: PUBG: New State is looking sick. As was announced back in May, there’s a closed alpha test set to take place for potential players in the US and on Android, and if you were lucky enough to be picked for this testing period when sign-ups went live a few days after the announcement, then you’re just an hour or so from the test kicking off. It’ll go live at 6pm PDT today, June 11th and run through Sunday, June 13th. If you weren’t able to get in on this closed alpha then you can still pre-register for the Android version over on the Google Play Store, and it seems there’s plenty of people excited as there’s been more than 10 million(!) pre-registrations just for Android so far. iOS pre-orders should be going up eventually too, and we’ll keep an eye out for that as well as any more new PUBG: New State details in the coming weeks.