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‘LEGO Star Wars Battles’ from TT Games and Warner Brothers Releases Next Week on Apple Arcade Featuring Characters from All Star Wars Eras

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Last month, LEGO Star Wars Battles () was revealed for Apple Arcade. The 1v1 real time multiplayer game was originally announced for iOS and Android as a game developed by TT Games Brighton that would cover all nine movies and more from the Star Wars universe. LEGO Star Wars Battles, just like the previously released World of Demons and today’s Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls launch, is another soft launched game that was made Apple Arcade exclusive before it saw a worldwide release. LEGO Star Wars Battles will have players building LEGO towers and deploy troops to defeat the opponent’s base. There will be different playstyles depending on what side you’re on as well. Check out a screenshot of LEGO Star Wars Battles below:

When LEGO Star Wars Battles was revealed for Apple Arcade, it was listed for September 24th. Today, Warner Bros. Games, Lucasfilm, and The LEGO Group confiremd that the TT Games-developed LEGO Star Wars Battles will be releasing on that day. You can sign up here to be notified when it releases. If you’re interested in LEGO Star Wars Battles, head over to our forum thread here for more discussion around the upcoming Apple Arcade launch. What do you think of LEGO Star Wars Battles and did you check out the soft launch or will you be playing it for the first time on Apple Arcade?

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