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SEGA Will Reveal a New Mobile RPG at Tokyo Game Show 2021 on October 1st

A few days ago, there was a bit of buzz around the listing of a new RPG under SEGA / Atlus for Tokyo Game Show 2021. Tokyo Game Show 2021 begins later this month and both SEGA and Atlus will have games and updates to showcase. SEGA will be revealing a new RPG project on October 1st at Tokyo Game Show 2021. The teaser video for this RPG mentions that it is for “smartphone". Before this teaser, I saw a lot of speculation about what it could be with things like Valkyria Chronicles 5 to even Yakuza 8. I actually believed Yakuza 8 might’ve fit the bill since the Yakuza games are now turn-based RPGs but this project isn’t any of those obviously. SEGA’s new RPG has some nice concept art as well on the website. Watch the teaser for this unnamed project below:

This new untitled RPG will be showcased at 10:50 PM (Japan time) on October 1st which is 9:50 AM EDT on the same day. Until then, check out the official teaser website for the upcoming RPG here. Tokyo Game Show 2021 is nearly here and there will be a lot of mobile news as usual. We will be covering the important bits as always. With no real information on this SEGA RPG, I hope the reveal has some proper gameplay shown off and that the gameplay is actually fun regardless of whether this is a free to play (likely) or premium RPG (unlikely). What do you think of the teaser trailer and what would you like to see in a new RPG from SEGA for iOS and Android?