Premium Roguelike Dungeon Crawler ‘Lovecraft’s Untold Stories’ Drops to Lowest Price Ever at Just 99¢

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A little over two years ago, in June of 2019, Blini Games brought their atmospheric roguelike dungeon crawler Lovecraft’s Untold Stories to iOS devices. The game had only just launched on PC the previous January, and developed quite a fan base over there. Blini then brought the game to consoles just ahead of the iOS release, and then later in the same year in October they also released a version for Android. But it’s on iOS that I discovered the game and truly fell in love with it, giving it the Game of the Week award when it released. Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is a top-down game where you’ll work through randomly generated levels in a variety of creepy locations using any of the game’s 5 different playable characters. Pretty standard stuff as far as these types of games go, but still nice to see a mechanically sound foundation.

Where Lovecraft’s Untold Stories differentiated itself was in the inspiration in its title: H.P. Lovecraft. You’ll witness some horrific sights on your journey, and it can take its mental toll on you. All throughout the game are little bits of lore that you can uncover, some of which will explain away some of the awful things you’ll see and thus make them more bearable. All of this translates to a madness mechanic that sees you trying to balance your own sanity as you face the many horrors in the game. It’s a really cool twist to the formula.

Anyhoo, the bottom line in all this is that Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is just a really fantastic game, and Blini has done a great job adding in special features to make the game more conducive to mobile play, like being able to quit and save at any time and physical controller support. The normal price of the game is $10 which honestly is a pretty good deal considering the quality of the game, but being that this is the mobile platform there are also frequent sales if you’re patient. However, as far as I can tell this is the cheapest Lovecraft’s Untold Stories has ever been on iOS at just 99¢.

And if even a buck is too risky a prospect for you, there’s a lite version that lets you play 2 levels and 1 character to get a taste of what it’s all like. Chances are that if you like these types of games then you’ll like Lovecraft’s Untold Stories as well, and have no trouble dropping a buck on it. This sale started earlier in the week though, and there’s no telling how long it will last, so if you think this one might be up your alley you’ll want to hurry to take advantage of this deep discount on iOS.

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