‘Lovecraft’s Untold Stories’ Is Now Available on Android in Two Forms after Debuting on iOS

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Originally available on PC through Steam and GOG, Lovecraft’s Untold Stories ($9.99) eventually showed up on iOS as a premium release. It brought dual stick shooting action coupled with a lot of lore and various horrors to iOS. I really like the visuals and animations. They definitely remind me of one of my favourite iOS games which is Death Road to Canada. We featured Lovecraft’s Untold Stories as our Game of the Week when it hit iOS and the wait for Android owners has finally ended. Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is available on Android today in two forms that lets you sample it before buying the completely premium port. Watch the trailer for it below:

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories has five different playable characters with unique gameplay setting out to take on the Great Old Ones. The stories here are inspired by Lovecraft’s stories set in procedurally generated areas with enemies inspired by the Cthulu mythos. If you’ve been waiting for an Android release, Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is now available as a free lite version and a premium version that costs $9.99. You can try the free version here and the premium version here on Google Play. Make sure you check out our forum thread for more discussion around the game from the iOS release. Have you played it on Steam or iOS yet or were you waiting for the Android release?

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