‘Angry Birds Reloaded’, ‘Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City’, and ‘Doodle God Universe’ Are Out Now on Apple Arcade alongside Many Game Updates

Following last week’s release of Ultimate Rivals: The Court, Apple has released three games on its paid subscription today. These three games arrive with a slew of updates to some excellent games. Before getting to the updates, the three new additions to the service are big names in the mobile space and the Apple Arcade releases aren’t just old ‘+’ versions but new takes or new games based on the originals. Angry Birds Reloaded brings the original physics-based gameplay with visual enhancements and a lot of new characters, modes, and power ups. Since Angry Birds Reloaded is on Apple Arcade, it doesn’t have any in app purchases and it lets you experience a classic Angry Birds experience. Check it out on Apple Arcade here and watch the Angry Birds Reloaded trailer below:

The award-winning Alto series returns with Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City on Apple Arcade. Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City brings a new biome with hidden challenges to the classic Alto’s Odyssey experience among other additions and enhancements. It also includes a zen mode and photo mode. As expected, Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City looks stunning and it is a great addition to the service. Get it here on Apple Arcade. Watch the trailer for Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City below:

The final new addition to the service this week is Doodle God Universe that sees the world of Doodle God return. You use the four basic elements to create various things and turn an empty planet into whatever you can imagine. Doodle God Universe features 3D visuals and animation. It is interesting that Apple brought this to the service alongside two other games based on mobile classics and well-known games. Watch the Doodle God Universe Apple Arcade trailer below and get it here:

When it comes to updates, the big Expeditions update for The Survivalists arrived a bit earlier already. Read about that here. Populus Run from FiftyTwo now has a new tutorial level, redesigned early chapters, improved controls, background music support, and support for a new game mode set to arrive in the next update. Agent Intercept from PikPok sees its big 4.0 update hit today with daily side missions, score attack, full voice acting support, and more. Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows from Devolver Digital gets its first update in nearly half a year featuring new legends, more than 700 new encounters, and a lot more. Star Trek: Legends continues to get new content with PVP seasons, new characters, and a ton of fixes added this week. The ultimate update for Marble Knights from WayForward is the final update for the week. It adds new modes and mini-games bringing the total up to 10 now including Snowball Sumo and Hockey. Watch the Marble Knights trailer below:

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