Check Out this Short Documentary on the Making of the Quirky ‘Say No! More’

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We first heard about Say No! More back in November of 2019 when Studio Fizbin and Thunderful Games officially unveiled it to the world, with the intention of releasing the game on multiple platforms in 2020. Not too long afterwards a global pandemic happened, work on the game stalled, and ultimately the game was delayed before the end of the year. It was a demoralizing time for the development team, specifically Marius Winter and Nicolas Maierhöfer, the two lifelong friends who conceived of the original idea just sort of messing around and were pretty blown away to be actually turning it into a full-blown production with additional team members, an actual budget, and a real-deal publisher. As much as a bummer as the delay was, the Say No! More development regained its footing and happily released to critical acclaim this past April, tying a happy bow on the entire story. I know all of this because it’s all recounted in a new documentary about the game’s development that was produced by Thunderful’s own “Video Ninja" Robin Stjernberg and released exclusively through IGN this week. It’s a short documentary at just about 25 minutes but it’s an extremely well done and entertaining ride.

Even as someone who has been following Say No! More pretty closely since its original announcement a couple of years ago, there was a lot of stuff that I learned from this documentary that I had no idea about before. I’m also someone who really, really enjoyed Say No! More when it released on iOS, and wrote about some of the reasons why when I picked it as the Game of the Week back in April, a moment that actually gets a brief nod in the documentary (Neat!). As I think is made pretty clear pretty much all over, Say No! More is a very specific type of game, and it’s in many ways more of a highly interactive story and social commentary than it is a traditional game. So it’s NOT going to be for everybody, but really, what is? However, if the story, concept, humor, and message does end up clicking for you, expect an experience that you’ll be thinking about long after you’ve played through it. Say No! More is something really special and this documentary does an excellent job of getting to the heart of why that is, so set aside about a half an hour to check it out for yourself as if you’re like me it’ll be time well spent.

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