‘Slay the Spire’ on iOS to Receive Version 2.2 Update, Cloud Saving, Larger Text, and Much More

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Good golly, it’s hard to believe that after years and years of people hoping and praying that MegaCrit’s phenomenal deck-building roguelike Slay the Spire would come to mobile that now here we are and it’s already been more than a year since the iOS version released. It’s also been more than a year since the iOS version has received any sort of update, which is kind of a shame as while the core game remains as fantastic as ever the iOS port really could use some additional tweaks and fixes, many of which we laid out in our review from last year. Don’t get me wrong: STILL a great game, and many of those issues you can look past to enjoy that great game beneath, but still kind of disappointing considering how long people had been wanting an official Slay the Spire mobile port.

Well, good news! After our year of patiently waiting for something, MegaCrit has announced on Reddit that there is an update for the iOS version of Slay the Spire that is hopefully just a couple of weeks away, and they’ve detailed some of what we can expect from it. The main points include balance changes up to the 2.2 version that’s on other platforms; cloud saving; larger text and images as well as improved fonts; and lots and lots of bug fixes. You can see more details about what version 2.2 entails on the game’s Steam page. The Reddit post does mention that this is actually a resubmitted update, since this was already submitted to Apple several weeks ago before they found a major bug and needed to pull it. Hopefully this resubmission goes smoothly and it won’t be long at all before we can enjoy an improved mobile experience with the excellent Slay the Spire.

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