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‘Say No! More’ is the Weird Power Fantasy Game about Standing Up for Yourself, Coming in 2020

We’re all pretty familiar with the phrase “Say no more!" It’s typically used when someone understands something sufficiently enough that they don’t need you to explain it any further. But move punctuation around just a bit and the phrase can take on an entirely different meaning. Say No! More is a game that urges you to literally say the word “no" more. It’s a common problem for a lot of people to say no to doing something. I think we all generally want to be helpful and please others, but when people are JERKS about it you can feel like you’re being taken advantage of when they know you’ll always say yes. It’s time to say NO! You play as an intern at a company that appears to be staffed entirely by those aforementioned jerks, and after being pushed around one too many times you finally blow your top and go on a saying no rampage. Check out the very silly trailer for Say No! More.

While it’s not exactly clear what the actual gameplay is like in Say No! More, it is described as a one-button game where you’ll “Defend yourself against mean colleagues and bosses, find mixtapes, discover the “Power of Friendship" and learn to say ‘No!’ more!" It is being published by Thunderful and is developed by Studio FizBin who you may already be familiar with by way of the excellent The Inner World point-and-click adventure games that released on mobile some time ago. Say No! More will be heading to iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Steam in the summer of next year, and I for one and looking forward to saying “yes!" to trying it out.