Sony Is Exploring the Mobile Market with “Wonderful PlayStation Franchises”: PlayStation Boss

Sony is no stranger to the mobile market with releases across the years on iOS and Android. In Sony’s corporate strategy meeting, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan commented on PlayStation games and the mobile market. He spoke about how mobile will let PlayStation Studios reach millions of gamers beyond PlayStation platforms. In recent years, Sony has brought various brands to mobile through free to play releases with some recent games finally being confirmed for global releases like Arc the Lad R. Jim Ryan’s statements in the corporate strategy meeting discuss how PlayStation has a wealth of brands that can transition to mobile to complement AAA and live service games. He goes on to say that Sony is exploring the mobile market with “wonderful PlayStation franchises so please stay tuned." Sony’s own Journey, The Unfinished Swan, and more have been brought to iOS through Annapurna Interactive already.

It is going to be interesting to see what Sony brings to mobile. Over the years, we’ve had free to play Uncharted games, a Sackboy game, and more. Sony has also commented on bringing PlayStation IPs to mobile a few times before. Mobile hardware is powerful enough to run many games from prior generations well or better than those consoles but I don’t think Sony will do premium ports even though I’d love to see some PS3 and PS2 Sony games ported over. The difference is the Sony of today has started bringing some tentpole releases to other platforms like Horizon Zero Dawn on PC and MLB The Show coming to Xbox in addition to PlayStation while previous entries were only on PlayStation platforms. While companion apps are always a possibility, I’m curious to see what Sony does for its story-driven experiences when bringing them to mobile in some form like Sony’s upcoming Horizon Forbidden West shown in the trailer above. Check out the full Sony corporate strategy meeting statement from Jim Ryan here. What would you like to see from Sony on mobile barring older games ported over if feasible?