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‘Frostpunk Mobile’ to Include an Endurance Mode and Serenity Mode, Same Audio as the PC and Console Experience

Earlier this month, NetEase revealed a partnership with 11 bit studios to bring Frostpunk to mobile in the form of Frostpunk Mobile. Frostpunk is a city building survival experience where players take on the role of a leader during the 19th century trying to build and maintain a city while managing resources, making choices, exploring, and more across various story scenes. Today, the official Frostpunk Mobile Twitter account has confirmed a few important bits of information about the game through an FAQ including the game modes, audio design, when players can expect it, and more. Frostpunk Mobile will have an alpha test later this year across different regions. Any phone released after 2015 should be able to run it as well as confirmed by the FAQ. NetEase is programming and designing the game but 11 bit studios is reviewing the game design and artwork for Frostpunk Mobile. If you’ve not played the original game yet, watch the Frostpunk console trailer below:

Frostpunk Mobile will feature an Endurance mode and a Serenity mode. The former will be a challenging mode without any microtransactions while the latter is a more endless mode that is easier. Serenity mode includes microtransactions for architectural appearances that require rare resources. These resources can be earned in-game as well. Both of these modes can exist at one time as well through an archive toggle. As of now, Frostpunk Mobile will include 1 scene that is different from the PC game. The developers are currently optimising this and working to put in more features. Frostpunk Mobile may also get social gameplay in the future but as of now it is a single player game. Until Frostpunk Mobile‘s alpha test, check out the official Frostpunk Mobile website here. Hopefully NetEase reveals some gameplay for this release in the near future. Have you played Frostpunk on PC or console yet?