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Multiplayer Stealth Survival Game ‘Secret Neighbor’ is Heading to iOS Next Month with Pre-Orders Live Now

Just over 3 years ago stealth survival game Hello Neighbor (Free) from developer Dynamic Pixels and publisher tinyBuild was announced to be coming to mobile devices, and the following July it hit the App Store as a free demo with a full game unlock IAP. The concept and characters in Hello Neighbor was praised upon its release across consoles, PC, and mobile devices but its controls and actual gameplay were less well-received. Still, the game proved popular, and a follow-up that served as a prequel to the original game called Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek was released across all platforms including mobile in late 2018. More recently, in January of this year, Hello Guest Game (Free) was released on mobile as a free teaser for the forthcoming sequel Hello Neighbor 2.

In the midst of all of this a special spin-off title called Secret Neighbor was released for consoles and PC in the fall of 2019, and it is a multiplayer-focused take on the stealth survival gameplay of the series that takes place between the first two Acts of the original Hello Neighbor. Back in March tinyBuild announced that Secret Neighbor would be making its way to mobile devices in addition to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch versions, and today they’ve now put the game up for pre-order on the App Store with an expected release date next month. Here’s a teaser trailer for the mobile version.

Secret Neighbor has you playing as one of a cast of children as you all team up to find enough keys to unlock the basement door where your friend is being held captive by your creepy neighbor. The twist is that one of the children and your supposed teammates is the creepy neighbor in disguise, so while you have to communicate and work cooperatively with other players in order to unlock the basement you also can’t be TOO trusting since any one of them could potentially be the neighbor out to get you. The kids win if they’re able to unlock the door before time runs out, and the neighbor wins if he’s able to capture all of the kids before they can do so.

Secret Neighbor is a pretty unique set of circumstances for a multiplayer game and it has been gaining in popularity more and more ever since its initial release. I think it will be interesting to see how well a mobile version does considering the successes of other unique multiplayer games like Dead by Daylight Mobile and Among Us. The iOS version of Secret Neighbor is available for pre-order on the App Store right now and should be launching for free a month from today on June 17th.