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‘Hello Neighbor’ from tinyBuild Is Coming to iOS and Android This July and You Can Sign up for the Beta Now

Hello Neighbor originally launched on Xbox One and PC platforms a while ago. tinyBuild announced a PS4 and Nintendo Switch release soon after and while those editions just got dated, the interesting announcement is a mobile port releases the same day on both iOS and Android. They teased a mobile version already through an image that gave us a look at the interface which looks quite cluttered but is fairly standard for most ports to mobile from other platforms for games that use a lot of buttons on the traditional controllers. Watch some gameplay of the iOS version below:

While the game is still a few months away, you can sign up for a beta right now here. The beta will feature the interface that tinyBuild has been optimising along with the game for a while now. The beta will not be an open one and is limited so you better sign up if you’re interesting in trying Hello Neighbor before release.

Hello Neighbor launches on iOS and Android on July 27th as a free to start release. The first act is free and the remaining two can be unlocked through in app purchases. As of now, pricing isn’t confirmed but you can bet it will be less than the Nintendo Switch and PS4 version prices.