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The ‘Hello Neighbor’ Prequel, ‘Hide and Seek’ is Coming to iOS and Looking for Beta Testers

Originally released back in 2017 by TinyBuild, Hello Neighbor (Free) is a stealth horror game where you are trying to sneak into the basement of your creepy neighbor’s house- It actually reminds me a lot of if you watched the 80’s movie The ‘Burbs and decided to make a stealth game out of it. Hello Neighbor, like a lot of TinyBuild games, is available on practically every platform you’d ever want to play it on, including PC, consoles, and mobile. It’s even playable as part of the Xbox Game Pass program if you subscribe to that. (And if you do, you should be playing Forza Horizon 4 too, as, dang that game is good.) Hello Neighbor sort of got roasted on Metacritic which always seemed sort of harsh as the core concept of the game is real good.

Anyway, this morning TinyBuild announced on our forums that the Hello Neighbor prequel, Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek is also coming to mobile. Dive into the thread to find all the TestFlight invite information and the specific things they’re looking for. Hide and Seek expands on the Hello Neighbor universe, and takes place before the events of Hello Neighbor offering a look into what caused your neighbor to become such a weirdo in the first place.

If you want an early look at this game, join the beta!