Entire ‘Tales of Monkey Island’ Series Returns to the App Store

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It was a sad time when Telltale Games went bust towards the end of 2018, and that immediately called into question what the fate of their many published games would be. The answer was that, well, they simply disappeared. A little less than a year after Telltale folded, a group called LCG Entertainment was able to secure many of the previous Telltale IPs and projects and announced that they’d resurrect the Telltale Games name with the intention of re-publishing the games that they had the rights for on the various gaming marketplaces, as well as releasing new projects including the long-awaited sequel The Wolf Among Us 2 and completing the final season of The Walking Dead. Over the last year and a half or so LCG Entertainment has slowly but surely been fulfilling those promises, bringing back games like Batman, The Wolf Among Us, and Puzzle Agent. Their latest resurrection is bringing back the entire 5 episode Tales of Monkey Island series to iOS.

Tales of Monkey Island was a joint project between Telltale and LucasArts that originally released for PC and the Nintendo Wii way back in 2009. It again follows the continuing adventures of Guybrush Threepwood and retains the essence of the classic ’90s-era Monkey Island games while bringing the whole presentation into the modern era. It’s an absolutely excellent time, and starting in late 2010 the Tales of Monkey Island games began making their way to the iPad, with separate iPhone versions following in the years after. That makes these re-releases a bit tricky. If you owned the original iPad-only “HD" versions of any of the episodes, those are still lost to the aether. The previously iPhone-only releases, which are now Universal with iPad support, are the ones that have been brought back by LCG Entertainment this week, and if you owned those you’ll be able to update to these newest versions for free. If you only owned the iPad versions, well you’ll have to rebuy these ones if you want them.

One small consolation if you’re in that situation is that the entire series can be purchased as a bundle for just $15 as opposed to the $25 it would cost to buy them each separately, and you can find that bundle on the App Store here. I have not been able to look into it personally just yet, but it doesn’t appear these re-releases have any sort of enhancements over the old versions, like full screen support or anything like that. However, if I am wrong about that and there are some cool new features or anything, feel free to sound off about it in the thread in our forums.

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