SEGA’s Mobile ‘Sakura Wars’ Game ‘Sakura Kakumei’ Is Shutting Down This June

SEGA previously announced a brand new Sakura Wars game for iOS and Android in Japan called Sakura Kakumei. Sakura Kakumei followed SEGA’s excellent Sakura Wars PS4 game titled Sakura Wars in the West. Sakura Kakumei for iOS and Android, a free to play ‘dramatic’ RPG with command line battles, launched in Japan back in December and SEGA just announced that it is shutting down on June 30th which will be just over half a year since it launched. Since launch, the developers had been working towards improving the game but have decided to shut it down in June. In app purchases have already been disabled. Hopefully the next attempt (if at all) for reviving Sakura Wars ends up being better for SEGA. I’m still looking forward to potential ports or remasters of the older games but it remains to be seen whether that happens. Check out a trailer for Sakura Kakumei below:

Sakura Kakumei is set in a modern day Sakura Wars world several decades after the PS4 game takes place. I didn’t think it would shut down so soon and it is disappointing that there was no English and international release for Sakura Kakumei. If you’d like to check it out before the shutdown in June, Sakura Kakumei is available on Google Play for Android here and on the App Store for iOS here in Japan. Hopefully once the pandemic and lockdowns are sorted across the world, the Sakura Wars stage show can have actual performances internationally at least since those are a big draw for the brand. If you’ve not played a game in the series before, the PS4 entry is still worth checking out and regularly discounted. Even if you skip the game, the soundtrack is incredible including the opening theme so make sure you listen to that. Have you played any of the Sakura Wars releases so far and did you tey out Sakura Kakumei’s Japanese release?