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EA Just Announced a New ‘Battlefield’ Game for Mobile Promising a Full-Fledged Skill-Based Battlefield Experience on the Go

Alongside finally announcing that a Battlefield game for next-generation consoles and PC set for this holiday season, EA and DICE also announced a Battlefield mobile game. This is set to release next year and it is entering a testing period ahead of its launch. The Battlefield mobile game is being developed by Industrial Toys who are working with DICE to bring a built from the ground up Battlefield mobile experience for phones and tablets. This mobile Battlefield game promises a full-fledged skill-based experience to make Battlefield a reality on the go. EA also clarified from the get go that this is a standalone game and a completely different one from the game releasing on consoles and PC so I wouldn’t expect any crossplay. There might be some cross promotions though.

As of now, there’s no Battlefield mobile release date or monetisation but the aim is to bring “all out warfare" to mobile devices in 2022. With how successful Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile are on mobile, it is surprising that EA took this long to announce a proper modern Battlefield mobile game. Hopefully we get details on pre-registrations, game modes, device requirements, and more soon. I really hope this is using some form of Frostbite since the engine was showcased back in 2013 for mobile. There were also these screenshots from years ago of Battlefield 4. Over the last few years, I haven’t played much of Battlefield online but Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V look fantastic. Did you play DICE’s recent Battlefield or Battlefront games?