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‘Diablo Immortal’ Begins a Closed Alpha on Android in Australia with New Zones, Endgame Content, the Crusader Class, and More

Following its memorable reveal at BlizzCon 2018, we’ve slowly been learning more about the upcoming mobile-exclusive entry in the Diablo series. A few months ago, Blizzard revealed a ton of information about Diablo Immortal with its limited technical alpha including its monetization and more. Today, a new closed alpha has begun in Australia for Android owners. It is limited to just Australia for now but Blizzard will be inviting some members of the Diablo community to join in on this one. Lead Designer Wyatt Cheng goes in depth to talk about what the team is planning and shows off some gameplay in the Diablo Immortal dev update closed alpha video below. The highlights are the Crusader class, new endgame content, added zones and a dungeon.

The Crusader joins Diablo Immortal with this closed alpha alongside the previously available Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, and Wizard. The Necromancer is set to arrive in a future test phase of Diablo Immortal. The new zones for this closed alpha are Mount Zavain, Frozen Tundra, and more. Blizzard also revealed a wealth of PvP information for Diablo Immortal including the Cycle of Strife and Battleground where players can opt in for 8v8 contests. The closed alpha is already live and it includes new legendary items, gems, an additional paragon tree, two extra skills per class, new bounties, and more. You can pre-register for it on Google Play here.

As of now, a release timeframe has not been revealed but this closed alpha is set to run longer than the technical alpha test. Details about the PvP content and new endgame are here. Hopefully Blizzard brings in iOS users even in specific regions soon. I can’t wait to check it out on my iPad eventually. What do you think of the new Diablo Immortal footage and features?