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Dramatic RPG ‘Sakura Kakumei’ from SEGA Finally Has a Confirmed Release Date for iOS and Android in Japan with Pre-Orders Now Live

Back in September, SEGA announced a brand new Sakura Wars game for iOS and Android in Japan called Sakura Kakumei. The Sakura Wars had an excellent PS4 game release earlier this year in the form of Sakura Wars. Sakura Kakumei for iOS and Android is a free to play ‘dramatic’ RPG with command line battles. It was announced for a 2020 release in Japan and while the App Store page previously mentioned an October 28th release date, Sakura Kakumei has been confirmed to release on December 15th on Japan. Sakura Kakumei is set in a modern day Sakura Wars world several decades after the PS4 game takes place. Watch the battle trailer for Sakura Kakumei which can be translated as Sakura Revolution below:

As of now, Sakura Kakumei has only been confirmed for release in Japan. It is free to play with pre-orders and pre-registrations now live. You can currently pre-register for it in Japan on the official website, on Google Play for Android here, and on the App Store for iOS here. Given how SEGA is trying to push the Sakura Wars brand in the West through the PS4 game and how the company has brought over many mobile games in recent times, hopefully Sakura Kakumei does eventually get an English release. Have you played Sakura Wars on PS4 yet?

[Source: Gematsu]