The ‘Dragalia Lost’ Caged Desire ‘Persona 5 Strikers’ Crossover Event Begins on January 30th, Preview Video Released

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Recently a new crossover event for Dragalia Lost (Free) from Nintendo and Cygames was revealed in the form of ‘Caged Desire’. Since launch, Dragalia Lost has been getting new content and features on a regular basis multiple collaborations including Monster Hunter, Mega Man and more. Today, the Caged Desire crossover event which features Persona 5 Strikers from Atlus has been detailed including the confirmation of its start and end dates. Persona 5 Strikers is an action RPG spin-off to Persona 5 with Koei Tecmo’s Warriors gameplay. This Dragalia Lost crossover event will feature co-op play to take on a raid boss with no elemental attunement and will feature the Phantom Thieves of Hearts from Persona 5. The Dragalia Lost Persona 5 Strikers crossover event begins on January 30th and will go on until February 11th. Watch the event preview video below:

To play this Caged Desire event, you need to have completed Chapter 2 / 2-1 (Normal) in the main campaign so that you can play event quests and co-op. The best part about this event is that Persona 5 Strikers music will join Dragalia Lost which already has superb music. This event is no doubt going to help promote Persona 5 Strikers that finally releases in North America, Europe, and more on February 23 for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Dragalia Lost is free to play on iOS and Android Read our review of it here. Check out our most recent Dragalia Lost guide here. Are you happy with the state of the game today and what would you like to see this year?

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