‘The Pathless’ from Annapurna Interactive and Giant Squid Is Rolling Out Now Worldwide on Apple Arcade

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Depending on where you live, mythic adventure The Pathless () from Annapurna Interactive and Giant Squid is finally here or will be soon on Apple Arcade. It was one of the first games to be announced for the service and is rolling out worldwide on Apple Arcade. The official release date for all platforms is November 12th so it will be out on PS4, PS5, and the Epic Games Store soon today as well. I’ve been playing The Pathless on PS4 over the last few days and just started playing it on Apple Arcade on my phone and it is excellent so far. Watch the new launch trailer for The Pathless from Annapurna Interactive below:

The Pathless has some pretty hefty device requirements on Apple Arcade. Check the list of supported devices on Apple Arcade here. If you’re considering getting it on PS5, a physical version is also releasing in the beginning of December. Check it out here on the App Store for Apple Arcade. It is available in many regions already and will have rolled out worldwide in a few hours. I know I’m going to buy the soundtrack on vinyl for sure based on what I’ve played. Check out our forum thread for it here.

Alongside today’s big release with The Pathless, Route 59 Games’ Necrobarista got a huge update today bringing in The Midnight Interlude DLC. The update also added a gallery mode with 60 pieces of collectible art, new save slots, new control and graphics options, a rewind feature, and many fixes. It is available here on Apple Arcade. Check out our forum thread for Necrobarista here. For all Apple Arcade related things, check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion on the service and every game included here. What do you think of the recently released games and updates and what are you looking forward to on the service next?

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