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‘The Pathless’ Device Requirements Revealed for Apple Arcade Ahead of Release Date

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The Pathless () from Annapurna Interactive and Giant Squid was one of the first games to be announced for the service. It was initially only planned for PS4 and PC platforms but is also coming to Apple Arcade and PS5 at launch. Sony has showcased it a few times as one of the PS5 launch games. A release date was recently confirmed for The Pathless and the App Store page for The Pathless on Apple Arcade just went live today. This page has revealed how demanding The Pathless is on iOS. While the service gets many exclusives or timed exclusives, The Pathless is a showcase next-generation console launch game that is launching on Apple Arcade at the same time. It is going to be interesting to see if more games like this push people to upgrade their iOS devices sooner. Watch the new release date trailer for The Pathless below:

The Pathless will run on the following iOS devices:

iPhone 7th generation and later
iPhone SE 2nd generation
iPad 6th generation and later
iPad Air 3rd generation and later
iPad Pro 2nd generation and later
iPad mini 5th generation and later
iPod touch 7th generation

I’m definitely excited to check out The Pathless when it arrives. I’ll play it on iOS and then replay it on PS5 eventually if I enjoy it enough. For Apple Arcade, you can play it in your subscription as usual. Check it out here on the App Store for Apple Arcade ahead of its November 12th release date. What did you think of ABZU from Giant Squid if you played it?

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