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‘Moonlighter’ from Digital Sun Games and 11 Bit Studios Releases This Month on iOS

Moonlighter from 11 bit studios was originally announced for mobile at GDC. That announcement revealed that the mobile release will not be a straight port and will be tailored for play on platform and feel like a native release. The action RPG with roguelite elements about being a shopkeeper already impressed me on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Earlier today, 11 bit studios confirmed that Moonlighter is arriving on mobile through an iOS release on November 19th. This month is already packed for releases on all platforms and Moonlighter joins the list of games I’m going to play soon. Watch the new Moonlighter mobile trailer below:

Moonlighter on iOS will include the base game and DLC with combat and control changes. It was previously confirmed that combat will use auto attacks and swiping for movement. The interface has also been tweaked to work better on smaller screens alongside some changes to balance the experience better. Moonlighter arrives on iOS as a premium release priced at $11.99 on November 19th. Pre-orders aren’t live yet but I will post about them when available. As of now, details for an Android release are not available. Make sure you check out the superb soundtrack to Moonlighter here. Have you played Moonlighter yet on any platform?