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‘Moonlighter’ from Digital Sun Games and 11 bit studios Is Coming to Mobile This Summer with Mobile Enhancements

11 bit studios announced a mobile version of the fantastic Moonlighter at GDC and unlike many of the usual console to mobile ports, this one will be a little different. Instead of just offering the usual virtual controls to replicate a traditional controller, Moonlighter will have mobile specific changes to controls for easier play on touchscreens. If you’ve never heard of the game, Moonlighter is an action RPG with roguelite elements about being a shopkeeper. Watch the trailer for the Switch version below:

At GDC, a mobile port was announced and it will include the base game and DLC with combat and control changes. Combat will use auto attacks and swiping for movement. Your aim is to be a shopkeeper and make money in Rynoka village and you decide the pricing to make sure customers are happy. More details about the port will be revealed closer to launch. Everything needs to be upgraded and you need money as expected. Pricing well will help you earn more quicker.

If you’d like to become a hero in Moonlighter it is set to release on iOS and Android this Summer from 11 bit studios. I already bought it on Switch and Xbox One so I’ll obviously be getting it on iOS as well. Make sure you check out the superb soundtrack it has here.

[Source: bleedingcool]