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‘Moonlighter’ from Digital Sun Games and 11 Bit Studios Is Now Set for Mobile Release Later This Year

11 bit studios originally announced a mobile version of the fantastic Moonlighter at GDC. At the time, they spoke about how the mobile version of Moonlighter will not be a straight port and will be tailored for play on mobile platforms to feel like a native release. If you’ve never heard of Moonlighter, it is an action RPG with roguelite elements about being a shopkeeper. Over the weekend, the Guerrilla Collective showcase aired featuring Slay the Spire‘s mobile release and more. The showcase included a look at the mobile port of Moonlighter shown with its adapted interface and a few more changes. Watch this video below (timestamped at 49:10):

When it was announced at GDC, it was confirmed to include the base game and DLC with combat and control changes. Combat will use auto attacks and swiping for movement. If you’d like to become a hero in Moonlighter, it is now set for release on mobile later this year. I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch already. Make sure you check out the superb soundtrack it has here. Have you played Moonlighter yet?