‘PAC-MAN GEO’ from Bandai Namco Entertainment Is Now Rolling Out Worldwide on iOS and Android

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PAC-MAN GEO (Free) from Bandai Namco Entertainment was recently revealed as a geographical entertainment game for iOS and Android. It is built using the Google Maps platform and is aiming to be a geographical information experience inside a game. Information from Google Maps will be used to let players create their own stages using PAC-MAN, power pellets, and ghosts in a real world map. When it was announced, pre-orders and pre-registrations were live with a tentative November 30th date listed on the App Store. The announcement mentioned that it was planned to roll out beginning last month. PAC-MAN GEO has gone live now on the App Store and Google Play for download only. Servers aren’t live yet as of this writing. Check out the gameplay trailer for PAC-MAN GEO below:

PAC-MAN GEO aims to let players discover interesting things across the world through PAC-MAN stages created. The App Store still doesn’t list any in app purchases as of this writing so the monetisation isn’t clear yet but it is available for free. On launching the game on iOS or Android, you just get a language select which takes you to an error screen mentioning that it is preparing to start service. As of now, If you’re interested in checking it out, you can download PAC-MAN GEO on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Check out the official website for it here. What do you think of the concept of PAC-MAN GEO and what would you like to see in the final game?


    PAC-MAN GEO allows you to play PAC-MAN using maps of actual locations from around the globe! New York, Paris, Tokyo... M…
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