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‘PAC-MAN GEO’ Is a New Geographical Information Game from Bandai Namco Entertainment out Beginning This Month on iOS and Android

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PAC-MAN GEO (Free) from Bandai Namco Entertainment is an upcoming iOS and Android game built using the Google Maps platform and is aiming to be a geographical information game. PAC-MAN GEO will use road information from Google Maps and it will let players create their own stages using PAC-MAN, power pellets, and ghosts in a real world map. The aim is to let players discover interesting things across the world through PAC-MAN stages created. When I first saw the game’s name, I figured it would be like Pokemon GO but this is a very interesting idea. I’m looking forward to check it out whenever it arrives on iOS. Check out some screenshots from PAC-MAN GEO below:

The game’s monetisation isn’t clear yet but it will launch for free going by the App Store page. As of now, PAC-MAN GEO doesn’t have a definite release date but it is set to roll out this month in over 170 countries worldwide. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can pre-order PAC-MAN GEO on the App Store for iOS here and pre-register for it on Google Play for Android here. The announcement says it is planned to release beginning September 2020 but the App Store page lists PAC-MAN GEO for November 30th. It is possible it will roll out beginning this month worldwide. What do you think of the concept of PAC-MAN GEO and what would you like to see in the final game?

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    PAC-MAN GEO allows you to play PAC-MAN using maps of actual locations from around the globe! New York, Paris, Tokyo... M…
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