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‘The Pathless’ from Giant Squid and Annapurna Interactive for Apple Arcade Has Been Delayed to 2020

The Pathless from Giant Squid and Annapurna Interactive is one of the first games to be announced for Apple Arcade. The game was originally revealed for PS4 and PC last year before getting confirmed for Apple Arcade. It has also been featured quite heavily in promo material for Apple Arcade. Over the weekend, Giant Squid announced a delay for The Pathless. This delay is to ensure it meets the high quality standards the studio has. If you’ve not heard about the game yet, watch the trailer for it below:

You play as the Hunter in The Pathless who has an eagle as a companion. Your aim is to explore a cursed island and get rid of the darkness. ABZU from Giant Squid was pretty great even though it wasn’t as amazing as Journey even though many compared it to that calling it a successor. The Pathless looks excellent so far and I can’t wait to play it next year. As of now, no release window has been announced but it will ship on Apple Arcade even though it won’t be a launch title. What did you think of ABZU from Giant Squid if you played it?