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‘Apex Legends’ for iOS and Android Is Planned to Soft Launch This Year

Apex Legends, Respawn and EA’s free to play battle royale game had a surprise announcement and release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC a while ago. Apex Legends for mobile is something that EA was considering bringing to mobile back in February last year. Today, Andrew Wilson (EA CEO) had a Fireside Chat (via Daniel Ahmad from Niko Partners and ApexLatest) and confirmed that Apex Legends for mobile is planned for this year as a soft launch. During the chat, Andrew Wilson commented that EA has Plants Vs. Zombies 3 in soft launch already. It is going to be interesting to see what EA brings to mobile barring that and Apex Legends with so many of its games going to Nintendo Switch. In a lot of ways, a Nintendo Switch version of anything existing is one less barrier for a mobile port given the work needed to scale a game down for Switch. Watch the Apex Legends gameplay trailer below:

Apex Legends is still very popular on console and PC platforms with both Steam and Nintendo Switch releases set for this Fall. It is going to be interesting to see if cross platform play for Apex Legends also includes mobile eventually. It is possible that Apex Legends on iOS and Android will have its own player pool like PUBG Mobile as opposed to how Fortnite is cross platform everything across all systems. Do you play Apex Legends regularly on any other system?

[Source: Daniel Ahmad and ApexLatest]