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The ‘Apex Legends Mobile’ Closed Beta Is Expanding to More Countries Including Indonesia, Egypt, Peru, and More

Back in April this year, a regional beta was confirmed for Apex Legends Mobile. If you’ve not followed Apex Legends Mobile yet, it brings Apex Legends from EA and Respawn Entertainment to mobile with the help of a dedicated team within Respawn and other partners. Apex Legends Mobile will be free to play and it has been designed specifically for mobile touchscreens with streamlined controls. As mentioned before, since this is a separate version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile will not have cross play with PC and consoles. Today, Respawn announced that the Apex Legends Mobile closed beta is expanding to more countries in a few weeks. The new countries are Indonesia, Peru, Columbia, Egpyt, and Lebanon. The initial Apex Legends Mobile closed beta was in India and the Philippines with support for a few thousand players.

If you live in any of the supported countries and use Android, you can sign up for the Apex Legends Mobile closed beta here on Google Play. For everyone else, pre-registrations will be live on the same link for Android. iOS support is also coming but there is no news on that front right now. Respawn previously confirmed that Apex Legends Mobile will have its own Battle Passes, cosmetics, unlockables, and more that are unique from the PC and console versions. It is going to be interesting to see how Apex Legends Mobile looks and runs compared to the Nintendo Switch version and also compared to the newer consoles. Hopefully we get iOS pre-orders and more regions added to the Android closed beta soon. Have you played Apex Legends on PC and consoles or are you waiting for Apex Legends Mobile to release in your region?