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‘KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD’ from Square Enix Launches Next Week, New Trailer Released

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KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD from Square Enix was previously revealed as Project Xehanort with a contest to guess the final name. Square Enix eventually revealed that it is called KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD and confirmed that it will be launching through KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross] (Free) which will be home to two full games on iOS and Android. KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD was scheduled to release in Japan and the West this Spring for iOS and Android but it was delayed. A new gameplay trailer has gone live revealing a release date for KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD. Watch it below:

The new trailer reveals that KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD will launch on June 22nd. The trailer shows the card battles, character animations, some dialogue, and even some exploration. If you’ve never played a Kingdom Hearts game, Square Enix recently released a big “All in One" package on PS4 and released all the collections on Xbox One. KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD can be played without playing KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross] story wise and there will be a link campaign for current players of KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross]. Here’s the forum thread for KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross] if you play it and want to discuss the game. Did you play Kingdom Hearts III and its DLC yet?

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