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‘Project Xehanort’ Is a New ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Mobile Game for iOS and Android due This Spring

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With the Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC out now on PS4 worldwide, Square Enix just announced a new mobile game for the Kingdom Hearts franchise. KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross] (Free) is still going strong and Square Enix wants players to guess the name of the new Kingdom Hearts mobile game that is tentatively titled Project Xehanort. Square Enix promises an all new Kingdom Hearts experience with Project Xehanort. I’m most curious about what this will offer for players who haven’t played or don’t play KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross].

Information on Project Xehanort is scarce right now barring the website slogan “Why did he become the seeker of darkness?". You can enter the “Guess the Name" campaign for Project Xehanort here on the official website for the game. As of now, it is scheduled to release in Japan and the West this Spring for iOS and Android. It is free with in app purchases as expected. Square Enix will likely have cross promotion in the main console game with Project Xehanort as the launch gets closer. Here’s the forum thread for KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross] if you play it and want to discuss the game. Have you already played the console games on PS4 or are you waiting on the Xbox Game Pass releases this year?


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