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‘KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD’ Launches as a New Game Included in ‘KINGDOM HEARTS Union Χ [Cross]’ This Spring

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Last month, Square Enix announced a new mobile game for the Kingdom Hearts franchise. It was tentatively titled Project Xehanort with a contest to guess the final name. Square Enix eventually revealed the name to be KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD. Today, Square Enix announced that KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD will be launching through KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross] (Free) which will now be home to two full games. With the Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC out now on PS4 worldwide with an Xbox One release set for next week, it is going to be interesting to see how Square Enix and Disney push the brand across a new mobile game and older games finally releasing on Xbox One. Check out a screenshot from the upcoming game below:

KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD is scheduled to release in Japan and the West this Spring for iOS and Android. It is free with in app purchases as expected. If you weren’t already tired of the naming system in the franchise, KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross] and KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD will be combined into KINGDOM HEARTS U χ DARK ROAD when KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD is added into the older game. It can be played without playing KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross] story wise and there will be a link campaign for current players of KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross]. Here’s the forum thread for KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross] if you play it and want to discuss the game.

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