Get a First Look at the Maya in ‘Civilization VI’ in a New Trailer Showcasing the First New Content Coming with the ‘New Frontier Pass’ on All Platforms

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Earlier this week, 2K announced the New Frontier Pass for Civilization VI (Free) on iOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. While the content in it is set to roll out on consoles and PC this month, we don’t have confirmation from Aspyr Media when it will hit iOS. We just know that the content is coming to mobile platforms as confirmed by 2K. The trailer below highlights the Maya coming to Civilization VI next week alongside the Gran Colombia Pack. 2K will likely have more trailers for the upcoming content soon. Lady Six Sky leads the Maya empire and has Ix Mutal Ajaw as a unique ability.

The first pack in the New Frontier Pass releases on May 21st on consoles and PC in the form of the Maya & Gran Colombia Pack. Content beyond that is planned until March 2021. Hopefully Aspyr announces details for what iOS players can expect soon with pricing details. If you’ve not tried the base game on iOS yet, read our original review of the iPad version. We chose it as our Game of the Week when it released. The port is free to try for 60 turns and universal so give it a shot to see how it runs on your iOS device at least. Have you tried the game on iOS or Nintendo Switch yet and did you buy any of the expansions?

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