‘Civilization VI’ Gets Its Second Expansion on iOS Today in the Form of ‘Civilization VI: Gathering Storm’ Which Is Available as an in App Purchase

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Back in July, Aspyr Media released the first big expansion to the superb Civilization VI (Free) for iOS in the form of Rise and Fall. Rise and Fall launched for $29.99 as an in app purchase to the full Civilization VI game on iOS. The same day, it was confirmed that Gathering Storm, which is the second expansion for Civilization VI would also hit iOS this year. Watch the trailer for Gathering Storm below:

Civilization VI Gathering Storm builds on the great base laid by Rise and Fall by adding weather, natural disasters, and more. This expansion also brings new terrain options and improved Diplomacy to the core experience. In terms of content, the expansion brought new leaders and civilizations with their own units to the base game on PC already. If you enjoy Civilization VI, both Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm elevate the experience quite a bit. Now that Civilization VI is releasing on consoles with expansions, I’m glad that the iOS version gets some love with the update letting players purchase Gathering Storm which wasn’t even given a release date. I hope 2K allows iOS users to transfer progress across Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC in the future. Check out some of the features in Civilization VI Gathering Storm below:

Civilization VI Gathering Storm is now available as an in app purchase for the full game priced at $39.99. This is $10 higher than Rise and Fall. As of now, a bundle with both expansions is not available for $49.99 like it will be for other consoles. If you’ve not played the base game yet, read our original review of the iPad version. We chose it as our Game of the Week when it released. The iOS port is free to try for 60 turns and universal so give it a shot to see how it runs on your iOS device at least. If you’ve played it, what do you think of the port so far and are you planning on buying either of the expansions?

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